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Derrick Ibbott Furniture produce high quality bespoke handmade furniture pieces for customers in London looking for furniture design that is unique.

The process of commissioning your own furniture piece involves a number of stages which when guided through correctly can be a fascinating and rewarding experience. Derrick Ibbott is a master of  furniture and cabinetry. He designs with careful consideration listens to your initial ideas and subsequent feedback throughout the whole process. This will culminate in the production of an immaculate piece that is unique and personal to you.

Bespoke Furniture Design

Derrick Ibbott Furniture Design is privileged to have worked with a good number of clients from London and has been able to use his depth of knowledge, creative design skills and fine making techniques to produce a rich and eclectic selection of furniture. Starting his own worship at the age of 22 and having been awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark and a Claxton Stevens award in 2010 his busy workshop has been the choice for many London customers seeking private commissions over the past years.

The area surrounding London

Derrick Ibbott covers the South East of England including London but also provides furniture to customers in the surrounding areas of London including Chelmsford, Watford, Welwyn Garden City, St Albans and Colchester. If you are considering commissioning a designer maker to create a unique piece you can arrange a free consultation with Derrick Ibbott using the email address or telephone number at the top of this page.

Commission your Furniture Design

We design and make bespoke furniture tailored to your needs resulting in a unique and stunning piece you will love to own and use. If you have a project you would be interested in discussing then I would be delighted to hear from you.

furniture design london

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